Guided Meditation

with Sarah C LaBrie
hypnosis to lose weight

Weight Loss + Energy

Guided Meditation & Hypnosis by

Sarah C LaBrie

Do you live a busy life? At work? In school? Chasing around kids at home? Who has time to work out everyday? I know I don't! Thankfully when we understand how energy works and take the power into our own hands, we realize that energy can be changed...weight can be moved, released, and your energy increased! When you put your intention in the right places, amazing changes take place and you can see how easily weight loss can be with guided meditation and easy to download mp3 audios.

Boost Your Daily Life Now!

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Happy Jog

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Sat on the Rocks
Afternoon Stroll
Ancient Architecture
Happy Jog
Where we go deeper than the skin to heal the soul
Awaken Your Life

by Sarah C LaBrie

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